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Fifty Shades

In which I lose my cool.

I’m done.

I’ve held my tongue long enough.

I’m a positive person who very rarely has something negative to say, but after all this crazy shit that Taylor Swift has pulled lately, I have to vent.

Can we talk about the Grammy’s?

I highly doubt Harry called her up saying “I still love you.” because I’m pretty sure he didn’t even say “I love you.” to begin with. He may be young, but he sure as hell is not stupid.

Oh, you’re busy opening up the Grammy’s? 
Well, while you’ve been busy sticking your nose in the air (I mean really, how fucking arrogant can you be?) he’s been:

  • Spending thousands of dollars on pizza to give away to the homeless.
  • Taking a trip to Ghana, Africa for Comic Relief’s ‘Red Nose Day’ to meet poverty stricken families and help raise money for charity.
  • Performing at the Olympics.
  • Filming a 3D movie.
  • Prepping for a sold out world tour.

Now let me ask you, which of these images should someone be more proud of?


Or this?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Harry kisses like a snail?
Bitch, please.

Mocking him in your new video? That’s classy!

I predict that she’s never going to have a long lasting or successful relationship.
Because she makes a mockery of them. She does. 
No man is going to want to be with a woman girl who dates around pretty much just to write music. That’s just absolutely pathetic.
Nobody can take her seriously, and her music and relationships are a joke.


Seriously? You poke fun at him at the Grammy’s but don’t have the guts to see him face to face?

Fuck you, Taylor Swift.